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Phasor was founded in 2001 as an electrical construction company specializing in all areas of electrical services. The founders are professionals with diverse proven talents in the industry.

For 20 years now, Phasor has provided superior electrical construction services in the areas of Power Distribution, Controls & Instrumentation, Service Upgrades & Maintenance, as well as Commercial Facilities, Offices, Labs, and now Solar.

Phasor assures its clients electrical services that are reliable, safe, and superior. We are committed to make the customers’ best interest our priority and to provide long-term growth opportunities to our employees.


At Phasor, we recognize customer downtime is costly and that a well installed system is the key. Tailored to your application, we will evaluate, procure, and construct a solution that will provide a reliable trouble-free installation and keep your business on-line.

Fun Fact

Where does the name Phasor come from? 

Phasor is a commonly known electrical term. Phasor is a rotating vector representing a quantity, such as voltage or an alternating current. 

Phasor is represented by this symbol 

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